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Learn the Secrets of the World’s Top Financial Modelers

Get the behind-the-scenes top 15 Excel tips and shortcuts I use to build financial models known only by top financial modelers



I’m Kyle Chaning-Pearce, the creator of finmodo

...a financial modeling system that will unlock the potential of your project, and your career. I’ve coached or trained expert and budding financial modelers of all kinds from Investment Banks, Funds, Project Developers, Big 4 Accountancy firms and more – but I get most excited about sharing my methods and taking anyone to the next level to help them shave years off the learning curve, get promoted quicker, and unlock their potential.


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NOV  20TH  2019

Calculating Debt

Whether you’re a company, a fund, or a project… it’s likely that you have to repay debt.

NOV  17TH  2019

Working Capital

Working capital seems to be an area of confusion! Here we’re taking P&L items of revenue and opex, and adjusting them so we get the cash item.

NOV  10TH  2019

De-risking Your Model

Almost all models contain an error - explore three areas that will give you the biggest bang for your buck; in the least amount of time.


“As a past M&A advisor and latterly a direct investor (via corporate and project finance), I can safely say that Kyle has been the best trainer I’ve ever seen. He’s been able to take my team, some with little knowledge of financial modelling, to a highly competent level in a short period of time."

Jason Frank, Group Director of Data Analytics, European Tyre Enterprise Ltd



“Kyle was an excellent trainer – very focused
on developing our skills and making sure we understood each aspect of the course."

Alexander G., STUDENT


“Kyle was fantastic – deep understanding
of the overarching principals of modeling and finance, but also great knowledge of the nuts and bolts of it."

Gabriel Davies, Head of Energy Access, Cross Boundary


“Kyle had a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer any questions that were asked."



Learn the Secrets of the World’s Top Financial Modelers

Get the behind-the-scenes top 15 Excel tips and shortcuts I use to build financial models known only by top financial modelers