The Complete Corporate Model Template

The Best Practice Corporate Model Template

Thank you so much for reaching out about the Complete Corporate Model Template. 

I've been working closely with investment professionals, students, and financiers to unlock their deals... so that financial modeling is finally the "solution" they hoped for, and not a problem.


Here's a few of the things you'll end up with:


Spread over six modules, watch three hours of video content.

A Template

The template that model building professional use and jealously guard!

Saved time

An understanding of what best practice actually looks like, and the tools and template to do it in your own line of work.

Here's how it'll work:

- Complete Overview. In a 15 minutes video, I go through the model so that you

- Understand the purpose of the model

- Understand what the different modules do

- Understand the limitations of the model,and how to extend the model


Best Practice Corporate
Model Template

Get the .xlsx file that gives you the chance to play with a "template business" - it
represents all the modules you need to put together a valuation model of a company

Revenue calculations

Opex calculations

Simple depreciation calculations

Corporate tax calculations

Debt repayments and debt metric calculations

Equity distributions

  • Three way financial statements, bringing together a Profit & Loss Statement, Cashflow
    Waterfall, and a Balance Sheet
  • Actuals integration - incorporating historical results into the model
  • Summary - showing beautiful graphs all on one concise page.

What if I'm just starting? What if I don't have any
experience doing financial modeling?

Most people spend years trying to figure out how to fit a model together. Most never figure it out.

With this blueprint,template and introduction that helped me to put together hundreds of financial models, you'll cut years off the learning curve too. Financial modeling becomes a lot more fun when you have this.

What's this all gonna cost me?

I'll probably charge $400 in the future for this template, but because I'm releasing it for Case Study members, the cost is just $97.

Many will make their investment back within 1 month. Many will make it back within the very first week, if it saves you a few hours of work in getting started.

OK, so how do I get a spot?

Click the "Enroll" button at the bottom of this page to get started with us now.

The sooner you get in, the sooner you start unlocking your deal, and figuring out financial modeling.

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Best Practice Corporate Model Template







PS - if you’re on the fence. 

May I make a suggestion?

Don’t make a decision now. Put the training to the test and try it for 30 days. Go through the fully built model and have a play with it. Explore the step-by-step trainings which show you EXACTLY what to do.

Feel what it feels like to have an advanced macro-enabled Project Finance model at your fingertips

See what it looks like to click a button and have debt size optimised for all different cases (e.g. P90, Price high/low cases) 

Learn with the same crisp explanations you’re used to on my other courses

If after 30 days it isn’t everything I’ve promised and more, let me know and I’ll refund every penny.


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